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Hephner for District 4

I believe with the right leadership, Navajo County can be a place where ALL residents THRIVE.

I believe for residents to THRIVE, our economy must THRIVE, and for our economy to THRIVE, we must have a healthy and robust workforce.

To achieve this, we must be willing to admit our issues and work together to develop solutions.

These issues include Substance Use Disorder, Behavioral/Mental Health, 
Poverty and Adverse Childhood Experience.

I believe as we develop strategies, we must think about our most vulnerable populations; Children, Adults, and Seniors with Disabilities and all of our Veterans. 

I believe every resident in Navajo County should have representation. To achieve this, we must have social and economic diversity in our local government and boards. 

I believe our leadership should be more proactive in addressing county issues by partnering with our Community Champions. 

I believe we will achieve more as we focus our attention on public/private partnerships.

I believe I am the RIGHT choice for Navajo County! 






Summit Foundation Board
Navajo County Cooperative Extension
Reaper Legacy Foundation

Previously service included: Salvation Army Board Member White Mountain Community Garden VP White Mountain Fire and Life Safety VP 

Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Show Low Hangar Dance
Feeding Collaborative 
Substance Use Disorder Committee
Chronic Disease Committee
Poverty Committee
Early Childhood Conference Committee

27 years in the White Mountains
Oldest of 5 Children all raised here
Father is a Physical Therapist (Owner and Operator)
Mother is a Charge Nurse at Summit and Nursing Instructor at NPC
Married to Robert Hephner (a.k.a Birdman)
Three amazing Children (Audrey, Alice & HenryJohn)
Two pups Quill & Gamora 

Allison created the Safe & Sound show with Robert Hephner and City 4 TV. This show focused on connecting residents to resources, services, and information throughout Navajo County around safety. Allison Hephner was the Host and the scheduling manager of Safe & Sound from 2014 until 2018 when she passed this responsibility on to Kirk Webb with Timber Mesa Fire & Medical another community champion.

Access Shows Here​​​​​​​

Community Comes First!

For the past 17 years Allison Hephner has been partnering with other Community Champions to create a better community for many areas throughout Navajo County. 

White Mountain Community Garden (WMCG)

After three months in public health, Allison Hephner discovered over $60,000 of a grant funding that had accumulated over five years. She petitioned the AZ Department of Health Services to allow for that funding to be utilized to overhaul the WMCG to grow stronger as a community resource helping to enhance resiliency in Navajo County. The garden is a HUB for growth and community, and I would encourage everyone to check them out! 

ARTICLE 1: White Mountain Community Garden Expo 

PowerPoint Presentation Rising to New Heights
(Marshal Logvin Maricopa County College Partner)

WMCG Website Link

Winslow Sweetland Community Garden (WSCG)

Allison Hephner approached the City of Winslow regarding the opportunity to develop a community garden. She identified several Community Champions and, with them, was able to create a community garden for residents in the City of Winslow in under six months! It is incredible what a community can accomplish when they have the vision.

Letter from WMCG 

ARTICLE 1: Winslow Community Garden Concept

ARTICLE 2: Winslow Sweetland Community Garden

ARTICLE 3: Sweetland Community Garden Expo

Southern Feeding Collaborative

When the COVID - 19 pandemic created a stay at home order, Allison Hephner reached out to other Community Champions to develop a collaborative of feeding agencies. This collaboration intended to maintain continuity of operations for connecting those in need with food. This collaborative is still operational and managed by Allison Hephner. Recently this group distributed over 42,500 pounds of potatoes throughout Navajo and Apache counties! Incredible community champions! 

ARTICLE 1: Lovin Spoonful, Feeding Collaborative Shares Resources

ARTICLE 2: Feeding the Fight

Website Hosted by

Children and Adults with Disabilities 

1 in 4 Navajo County families has a child or adult living in the household with a disability.  In 2016 Allison Hephner championed a coalition to address the needs of this vulnerable population through public/private/community partnerships. Intentionally utilizing input from parents, caregivers, and those who love and serve this community, many programs have been implemented.
Since then, this coalition has grown to include other community champions like Dr. Tom Barela, who lead the most successful family Halloween party for this community and continue to serve as a driver in meeting the needs of this population.
ARTICLE 1: Special Kids Special Needs Resource Fair

PowerPoint Presentation of Resource Fair Success

Birdman Interview of First Resource Fair  

ARTICLE 2: Training promotes safe interactions between police, special needs individuals

2019 Navajo County Children & Adults with Disabilities Resource Guide 

Keeping Kids Safe Tour

After working closely with the Show Low Family Advocacy Center and learning how many children suffer from abuse, sexual assault and neglect in the White Mountains and surrounding communities. Allison with the help of Rob Hephner enlisted partners to develop the, "Keeping Kids Safe Tour". A tour that empowered parents, caregivers, family members and foster parents with the tools and knowledge to teach their children how to stay safe. 

ARTICLE 1: Coalition aims to create safety, healthier community for kids

ARTICLE 2: The Naked Truth Coalition Aims High to Reach Kids

ARTICLE 3: STD Concerns Prompt County to Reach Out to Residents for Help

ARTICLE 4: County Opens Enrouldment for Keeping Kids Safe Tour

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE'S)

The Social Determinants of Health (i.e., Substance Abuse, Poverty, Mental Health), increases the likely hood of Children in our community's exposure to ACEs. To address ACEs in Navajo County, we must first educate our public/private leadership and Community Champions to become Trauma-Informed. On May 20, 2019, Allison Hephner, Kate Dobler Allen, and Michael Gaffney brought together over 250 community leaders to discuss this sensitive topic.  

ARTICLE 1: How Childhood Trauma Impacts our Families, our Work, our Future

ARTICLE 2: Ensuring that 100% of Arizona’s children are safe from trauma: A radically simple strategy.

Video Presentation: Safe & Sound

Video Presentation of the Community Conversation (Opened and Engaged) 

Navajo County Community Health Assessment

As the project manager of the Navajo County Community Health Assessment, Allison Hephner took this process from internal to external. She went out and secured partnerships with Summit Healthcare, NPC, [email protected], North Country Healthcare, ChangePoint, and over 52 different agencies and organizations through Navaja County. This document is said to be the most comprehensive health assessment Navajo County ever had. 

This report identified the top three health priorities in Navajo County as Substance Use Disorder, Mental/Behavioral Health, and Poverty. Allison continues to partner with many community champions in addressing these issues. For example, Vicky Solomon, with the Nexus Coalition for Drug Prevention, is chair lead for the substance abuse committee. Pam Williams is another community champion who works closely with Allison Hephner along with others to address poverty. Nathan Updike and Brandon Martineau were critical to bringing the stress management presentation to Mogollon High school parents and students. 

ARTICLE 1: Substance abuse, mental health, suicide and poverty top issues

ARTICLE 2: Navajo County Community Health Assessment reveals mixed results

ARTICLE 3: A Plan to Take on Navajo County's Biggest Health Concerns

VIDEO: 2018 Community Health Assessment Survey

Community Health Improvement Plan Report 2018

Recommendation Letter

Substance Use Disorder and Peer Support

In 2019-2020 Contracted through her company Community Project Management Services LLC, Allison Hephner became the Director for the Safe Stations One-Stop Consortium. Here she worked with Community Champions from the public and private sectors in Navajo County to develop and implement strategies to address Substance Use Disorder (SUD). These strategies included creating a SUD resource guide for families and individuals in need of SUD services. A brochure for those in SUD Crisis to be utilized by our first responders. Increase the number of Peer Support Specialist in Navajo County (non-tribal and tribal).

ARTICLE 1: Peer Support Specialist Training offers life-changing opportunities  

Health and Substance Use Disorder Resource Guide

FUN FACT! Did you know???

In 2011 after discussing the lack of an evacuation procedure, with the then Deputy Sheriff Randy Weems, the Green Tag / Orange Tag System was conceptualized. Allison Hephner then went to work discussing the potential with other partners, firefighters, and community members to create each tag. She then approached Brad Carlyon on options to fund the printing cost. She partnered with Tony Garvin in educating law enforcement on how to implement this tool. In 2016 the tags were utilized during the cedar fire and are still part of the evacuation procedure today. 

This was something I did on my own, no part of my responsibilities for work but was the right thing and within my ability to do. 

See Evacuation Document (Click Here)

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